GeberCasa® Thermoplates are radiant heating elements. They allow to comply with the provisions relating to Energy Saving, the Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and to guarantee better Thermal and Environmental Comfort. Energy transmission takes place through a mix of radiation and convection, minimizing thermal stratification.

GeberCasa® is made with steel profiles obtained from cold drawn strip, with a specific section for maximizing heat exchange.

The painting is epoxy powder polymerized in the oven at 180°.



  • The resistance to pressure is 8bar
  • The water content of 8.4 l / m
  • The standard 1/2 ”connections are lateral, low or customized
  • The recyclability of the article is 100%
  • There is a total absence of sharp edges and the sides are rounded to have a lower angle of attack in the event of collisions
  • The surfaces are flat, without asperities or fissures
  • Width (Vertical) in mm = n ° of elements x 70
  • Height (Horizontal) in mm = n ° of elements x 70


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