Our history

We are a company that for over 25 years has been active in the energy sector with that after our Termoarredo in high-tech steel having carefully designed and implemented, trade, providing the most important groups in the plumbing and heating industry in the country.

Since the nineties, parallel to the radiators of design, we designed and built Steel plates to radiation, with technology and a patented circuitry, still unique on the market.

In the 2000 speech with certification and energy savings we have invested resources in the study of a radiant panel operating at low temperature, born on the basis of the previous Charisma, To which it was added the adjective Original, As a necessary act of recognition of the uniqueness of the same.

From 2010 it has been developed a new project radiant panel placed on a low-temperature ceiling, efficient, thin and low thermal inertia, which we named Sun.

We define Sarti's Radiator our ability to manufacture products tailored, fully customized, in perfect harmony with the environment in which they are placed.