Charisma Original®: the innovative low-temperature heating system that guarantees maximum comfort with substantial energy and money savings compared to the use of normal heaters.
The heat transfer is carried out for "RADIANT" effect, a natural and physiological system that does not exploit the air convective motions, but the solid surfaces of the housing.

Charisma Original® is made with steel profiles made from cold-drawn tape, a specific section for maximizing thermal exchange.

The Radiant Plates are also available in the version with LED technology, for total Energy Savings ... thermal and electrical!
With a simple remote control it is possible to manage the LEDs remotely and change colors and effects very easily, select fades, change shades in sequence and other lighting effects, thus changing the atmosphere of the rooms in which the plates are installed.



  • The coating is cured epoxy powder in oven at 180 °
  • The resistance to pressure is 8bar
  • The water content of 8.4 l / m
  • The 1/2 "standard attacks are hidden inside, in the back of the plate
  • The recyclability of the article is 100%
  • Width (Vertical) in mm = n ° of elements x 70
  • Height (Horizontal) in mm = n ° of elements x 70

  • The surfaces are flat, without asperities or fissures
  • They have a maximum depth of 50mm and therefore does not steal space and do not constitute any danger to the total absence of sharp edges
  • By exchanging heat for IRRADIATION require less environmental dehumidification
  • Using the technology Radiant heat the paretic in turn they reflect the energy and drastically reduce the formation of mold
  • Do not dirty the wall and do not circulate air unhealthy for their limited convective heat
  • Their design makes cleaning easier
  • They limit the thermal stratification allowing to achieve a high level of thermal comfort
  • Thanks to their design, the temperature control is made retractable
  • The standard color is RAL 9010 white gloss


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