Sun Radiant Ceiling System

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Sun Radiant Ceiling System

Sun is a ceiling heating and cooling system for low temperature radiation.

This system consists of two types of installation:

  • Office Type (Sole Ufficio): For fiber ceilings with 600 x 600 and 600 x 1200mm modules
  • Home Type (Sole Casa): For plasterboard ceilings with base module mm 600 x length varies from 600 to 6000mm


Warming up by radiation means:

  • Environmental comfort
  • Absolute silence
  • No air movement
  • Uniform temperature throughout the environment
  • No fire danger
  • Energy saving, because it directly heats man, walls, floor and not air
  • Minimal heat stratification
  • Minimum heat gradient
  • Optimizing space as walls and floor remain free
  • Unaffected efficiency over time
  • No maintenance
  • Low thermal inertia
  • Design and seamless integration into the environment

Sole consists of a smooth steel panel, with hot and cold irradiation function, with inside a steel heat exchanger of our design and construction,?tested at a pressure of 8 bars and for a maximum operating pressure of 5bar.
Sole can be installed on sight or integrated into the ceiling.

The Ufficio modules fit perfectly in any type of technical solution while the Casa modules are made to measure according to the required lengths.
The modules will be secured to the ceiling through ad hoc suspension systems with height adjustment and possibly leaning on the structure of the ceiling and connected to the hydraulic lines of send and return.

Sole can be installed in all civil, commercial and office environments, where you want to achieve truly significant results for Comfort, Energy Savings and Respect for the Environment, since Sole is made of pickled steel and therefore totally Recyclable.
In this case the size of the modules varies according to the thermal and refrigeration needs and the possibility of various finishes allows SOLE to settle perfectly to any architectural need, even the most articulate and difficult.

Sole is ideal for the summer air conditioning of the premises.
With 80% R.H. the dew point of the air drops to 12.5 ° C and therefore with water at 15 ° C-16 ° C the danger of condensation is avoided; for lower water temperatures, an air dehumidification system must be provided.
The temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the average temperature of the circulating water is high enough to allow a strong cooling emission.

For more detailed calculations, we have also developed a specific calculation program for our ceiling thermopanels, which allows us to accurately size according to the characteristics of the building and the system.