Description of hot and mixed water operation
The Geber Classico towel warmer is produced with the most advanced techniques: invisible laser welding and paint with epoxy powders. The Geber Classico
it is produced with cold-drawn steel tubes arranged horizontally (22 mm diameter, 1 mm thick) welded on collectors with D profile (40 x 30 mm, 2 mm thick). The hot water version, can be transformed into a mixed version using special valves with threaded hole for the insertion of resistance or with the insertion of the "T" fitting and electrical resistance.
The Classic is also available with side, center, monotube and custom attack. The Classic is painted with epoxy powders for polymerized electrophoresin in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.
The standard color is the white RAL 9010; is available in all RAL, NCS or custom colors and in chrome.

Electrical operation description
The Geber Classico towel warmer can be produced exclusively electrically, filled with non-flammable conducting liquid, equipped with electric resistance on/off or with adjustable thermostat, prepared and tested according to the current standards to be powered with network voltage and equipped with power cord with Schuko plug, is ready for operation by inserting the plug.
Il Classico Elettrico è verniciato a polveri epossidiche per elettroforesi RAL 9010, è disponibile in tutti i colori RAL, NCS o personalizzati e in versione cromata.



  • Max operating pressure 8bar
  • Test pressure 12bar
  • Max operating temperature 95°C


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